The 30 Day Vegan Challenge

After watching the documentary ‘Forks over Knives’- Rick and I started a mission.  Well, Rick went on a mission and dragged me along (originally kicking and screaming- but now jumping for joy).  The documentary started us on this journey of learning about the health benefits of becoming Vegan.  And from there- we learned of what animals go through in the meat industry.  And from there- the resources that are used to produce animal products for our kitchens.  After watching and reading some powerful information (backed by health studies)- we made the decision to have our own study.

We will be spending the next 30 days eating pure vegan.  No animal by-products what-so-ever.  We have tested our cholesterol, our blood pressure, our weight, etc- and we will again at the end of the 30 days.  We will track our energy levels and how we feel in general.  This is to back the health results of becoming Vegan.

This doesn’t even touch our compassion towards animals.  Something that we managed to avoid every time that we bit into a hamburger.  We are raised with being able to avoid seeing what these animals go through.  After starting our research- we started learning more about the meat industry.  It’s inevitable- they go hand in hand.  After learning about that- it is getting harder and harder to avoid.  This is now playing into our decision to try vegan, as well.

After our 30 days- we will go from there.  We will attempt to remain vegan- but let’s be honest with ourselves.  It is very difficult to go from enjoying seafood, steak, turkey at thanksgiving, cheese and eggs at a brunch- etc. to None of it.  That is why- we are taking baby steps.  The first baby step is to make it 30 days.  And then we will decide the direction of our next step.

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