The Day Before

The time is now.

Rick and I have always loved food.  Really loved food.  Dangerously loved food.  Steak, Hamburgers, Eggs, Cheese, Milk (me not rick), Baked Goods, etc.  At the start of this journey- the hardest realization, for me, is how much food has animal by-products in it.  Almost everything I’ve made- has something that is animal in it.  Even some types of beer and wine have bits of animal by-products. This is going to be the toughest part for me.   No more- running late and just grabbing a nutri-grain bar (they use gelatin).  We need to prepare and be ready for late nights at the office, dinners out, and more- and prepare accordingly.  Thinking more about food than I ever have before and in a completely different way.  I have always just had the problem of ‘where will we eat out tonight- Chinese or Deli Sandwiches’.  Now it’s- make food in an interesting way to get the nutrients that our bodies are used to- with enough food to fill us up and have absolutely no animal by-products and be healthy at the same time.  It’s a challenge in and of itself.

We created our grocery list.  It looks so different from any grocery list we have ever created before.  The only things that need to stay cool are the frozen fruit for our morning smoothies.  No chicken, hamburger, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.

But- even with all of this.  I am excited!  I am excited to start our 30 day challenge. To see how our bodies and our minds react and to push ourselves to accomplish something that we should have never had to accomplish.  To eat what we should be eating to treat our bodies like they should be treated.  I’m ready.  Off to the grocery store.

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