Three days down- 27 to go!

So far- I’m feeling… well… like normal :).  Not really feeling a difference- except I am not bloated.  I don’t think I realized before- just how much salt I eat at night.  It’s always pretty normal to wake up with fingers a bit swollen.  This morning- I woke up feeling not salty or blechy (medical term) at all.

The hardest thing so far- is trying to come up with a quick easy something to eat on the go.  And it has already been solved with the easiest meal so far- a PB&J (just with fresh pb & and jam with no animal byproducts (most has it)- and bread with no animal byproducts (again- most has it- especially white bread)).  I can just make a few and stick in my purse and be off.  Also- making soup in bulk is going to come in really handy.  Cheap- and the recipe we used made us 8 bowls that are just sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten (after today- 4 bowls)

Cravings were bad last night.  I tend to be a stress or emotional snacker and emotions have run high the past week or so.  Luckily- I was prepared with some nuts, some pineapple, and lots of water.

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