Famous Vegans

“As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.”

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci

A Few Of The Many Famous Vegans:

  1. Alicia Silverstone
  2. Rip Esselstyn – former professional athlete and firefighter
  3. Ellen and Portia de Rossi
  4. Jane Lynch — From ’40 Year Old Virgin’ & now ‘Glee’
  5. Jason Mraz — Singer
  6. Davina Reeves – Miss New York USA
  7. Rep. Dennis Kucinich
  8. Emily Deschanel — from “Bones”
  9. Georges Laraque– A former NHL enforcer
  10. Pres. Bill Clinton
  11. Carrie Underwood
  12. Mike Tyson
  13. Woody Harrelson
  14. Alanis Morissette
  15. Alec Baldwin
  16. Carrie Anne Moss
  17. Casey Affleck
  18. James Cromwell — ‘Babe’ – cutest little pig ever
  19. Jared Leto
  20. Joaquin Phoenix
  21. Lea Michele — From ‘Glee’
  22. Olivia Wilde
  23. Ruben Studdard
  24. Sandra Oh
  25. Tobey Maguire
  26. Carl Lewis — Olympic gold medal winner
  27. Ed Begley Jr.
  28. Peter Bogdanovich — Director
  29. Betty White
  30. Daryl Hannah
  31. Tony Gonzalez  & wife October

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