Almost to the INITIAL Finish Line

I have been so busy the past two weeks- that I’ve barely posted.  So, tonight and over the thanksgiving weekend- be prepared.  Posts galore coming.

Anyways- we are almost to our finish line.  Line up the steaks.  Just kidding.  We actually have decided to be mostly vegan.  It’s not nearly as hard as we thought it would be, I’m becoming an awesome cook, we’re eating a lot of new and different foods (vs our normal fallback to chicken breast & broccoli), we feel better, I’m down 10 lbs in a month, we have more energy, AND we get to eat pizza without worrying about all of the extra sodium and grease from butter, cheese, salt, & meat.  Why not keep doing it?? 🙂

Now- we’re not going to be those crazy vegan fanatics that you can no-longer invite to dinner because you have to worry about where we can eat or get an earful about what your steak went through before getting to your plate.  We’re not those types of vegans.  I’m not sure what we can even classify ourselves as…  except- ‘Mostly Vegan’.  We try not to eat animal by-products or animal flesh- but if we don’t have a choice or we’re really craving ____ (enter food here- ex. Eggs, Steak, Burger, Fish, etc)- we will make an exception and go have a bit.  But for the most part- we will continue to avoid.  Why?  Well- it’s not that hard and we see the benefits.  It’s not for everyone- but we’re pretty sure it is for us.

Now bring on Thanksgiving!  Perfect example- I will probably have a bit of turkey, a bit of stuffing, and a bite of a deviled egg- and then the rest of my plate will be filled with Thanksgiving Casserole, Scalloped Corn, Champagne/Mushroom Gravy, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, Rolls, Sweet Potatoes- all vegan.

Now we haven’t gotten there yet- so who knows how this will all go down…  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Almost to the INITIAL Finish Line

  1. Yay! I have to be honest… I was REALLY hoping, because I love reading your blog! lol.
    You know, I know 3 different vegans in person (not myself) who say they are going to have a bit of turkey on Thanksgiving. I keep wondering how many of them are actually going to do it. I’m not, but I don’t want to at all. Now a bite of a deviled egg does sound good, but I don’t think there will be any around, plus I’m making these potato alternatives. But if one does show up…

    • Thanks! I don’t know if I’ll have some or not… We’ll have to see when it’s actually here 🙂 Let me know how your potato alternative deviled eggs turn out. Very curious in other things to cut down on those egg cravings…

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