Dealing with cravings- Vegan Style

Dealing with cravings.  One of the questions I have gotten most often- “how bad are the cravings?”

Well- they haven’t been bad at all!  My worst craving has been wanting eggs.  I love eggs.  I want eggs.  Other than that- as long as I’m not extremely hungry and walking through a bbq joint- my life is pretty easy.  But look at it this way- most things that you eat that are full of meat by-products: you can copy and create a vegan version.  I was craving mac & cheese so I made macaroni & ‘cheese’.  I was craving cupcakes- I have cupcakes.  We want lasagna- we make lasagna.  Pizza- yes pizza.  They might be a little off- but it’s close enough that we haven’t really been lacking at all.

Chocolate Almond Milk

Now- when I do get a craving that I can’t shake, I’m learning to rely on two things.  Zucchini & Chocolate.  Really.  When I’m craving some salt or something with salt- but don’t want to fall off the wagon OR eat unhealthy- I cut a zucchini and make some quick, easy & yummy zucchini chips.  When I’m craving sweet and it’s not a junk food day (meaning no cupcakes just lying around)- I have some dark chocolate almond milk (they come in single servings and are awesome and really healthy).

Oh- and sushi- turns out that veggie sushi tastes about the same as tuna sushi once you add all of the soy sauce & wasabi (and about half the price).

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