We made 30 days.  Easy peasy.  We are definitely keeping this up.  Rick still hasn’t had any animal products- but I have tried a small amount of turkey and oyster stuffing (tasted good but will be rare to eat) and some dairy.  The dairy- I don’t think I want to ever eat again.  Both times I’ve had dairy this weekend- I have had an upset stomach.

Other than the upset stomach – we enjoyed Thanksgiving.  Good food (some of it vegan- provided by yours truly), family time, dinner & movie with friends, black friday deals, and enjoying Disney on ice with the nieces. A really great weekend.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    • I think I’ll continue to eat mostly vegan 🙂 Whatever makes us feel good. If we’re out on the coast- we’re not going to restrict ourselves from eating seafood- but when we are home and can eat vegan when we’re out- we will.

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