I’m not dead!

Sorry all- I am way behind with my blogging.  I’ve had a week of busyness (decorating for the holidays & getting caught up with work & working on my crafty X-mas presents) and sickness.  I think I got a cold from… Mitch (one of my best friends in Iowa), Danie (one of my best friends in KC), or one of the hundreds of cute little munchkins at ‘Disney On Ice’.  In fact- while I feel 80% better than I did 2-3 days ago- it will still take me twice as long to write this article because I keep having to stop to cough.  Rick’s dad, Ray, keeps telling me that if I would go have a big mac- I would feel all better :).  I think I’ll stick with my vegan food 🙂

This week- we’ve been back on the Vegan train.  I haven’t had any meat since Thanksgiving and no dairy since the Friday after.  Rick still hasn’t had any at all.  Even being sick- I’ve manage to get all of my work done this week- so while I HAVE been sick- I have still had more energy than I used to.  The week of food has been relatively boring (sickness and busyness has led to a week of my chipotle veggie soup and pb&j sandwiches)- and I’m itching to get back to making something interesting.

I have about 20 recipes that I need to blog- and then new ones to be added this week.  Just don’t give up on me- I’m back! 🙂

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