Our New Favorite Books… I mean sources- we’re not limited to books in this day and age :)

Rick and I love reading books. Rick likes science books, I like fictional detective novels, we both like sci-fi and history and we both like anything that helps us better our lives… enter vegan books (and websites and apps and blogs) that Rick & I have found that we really like and have been helpful on our journey to becoming non-meat eaters. Here is our library of helpfulness (This is my hint to you. While I love physical cookbooks- it really makes it easy to set up the iPad in the kitchen and highlight things and get to cooking (plus you can search easily). So- if it’s a cookbook that I REALLY like- I like to get both the physical and the electronic copy):

Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
The name says it all- a bunch of healthy vegan recipes- perfect for new vegan like me. There’s even ‘healthy vegan’ junk food suck as onion rings and cookies- and it’s split up into veggies, beans, pasta, salads, etc.

The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weights, and Saving the Planet
By Alicia Silverstone. Full of tons of very useful vegan and superhero eating (the best things for your body) food information and the start of becoming a vegan.

The All Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Live Like a Champion
By Tony Gonzalez- I haven’t read this one yet- but Rick likes it. It’s about how to stay healthy and strong while staying a vegetarian

Forks over Knives
The start of it all. Reading nutrition labels- info on animals and the environment- tools to keep in your kitchen- and some recipes.

The 30 Day Vegan Challenge: The Ultimate Guide To Eating Clean
Great Book. A great place to start- all about stocking you kitchen, budgets, making the right foods, shopping for the right foods, eating by color, etc

The Skinny Bitch: Everyday Cookbook
Amazingly funny- yet very informational. Great read- even if you aren’t looking for a how-to or a cookbook. And to clarify- in the words of the author “Skinny Bitch has nothing to do with being skinny. And it has nothing to do with being a bitch, either. Though we all have our moments. A “Skinny Bitch” is a woman who cares about what she’s putting into her body. She cares about the small print. She’s eager to re-channel our collective global frustration to take a stand for what she believes in – even if her friends think shes nuts.” It’s not a book about becoming a size 2, it’s a book about being, eating, and thinking healthy and saving the world while you do it.

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
This is true. They are delicious, low-fat and vegan! Yum! And- the best part- if you REALLY want to dig in deep and have the time- this will even walk you through sauces, spices, etc


www.VegWeb.com – Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes Galore!

www.VeganOutreach.org – Saving the planet one animal at a time.

www.TryVeg.com – Learn about the economic and health reasons for becoming a vegetarian.

www.VeganCooking.com – blog/website- plenty of recipes

www.FatFreeVegan.com – recipes recipes recipes 🙂

www.peta.org – Where does your food come from- and what happens to it before it gets to your table?  pst- if you still want that hamburger- no problem with me- but probably skip out on this site.

www.TheKindLife.com – Alicia Silverstone’s site.  Really just a bunch of great information about being and living vegan

www.VegGuide.org – List vegan/vegetarian restaurants in your area

www.VeganEatingOut.com – tells you what you can and can’t eat at your favorite restaurants

http://www.pcrm.org/health/diets/ – great Vegetarian/Vegan fact sheets and starter kits


Kats Health Corner

Around The Kitchen Table – This is a friend of mine from my childhood/adolescence in Iowa, Sarah.  Thanks to the joys of Facebook- we are reunited with the shared joys of food and more.

What The Heck Are You Eating

Not Growing Up

A Tablespoon of Liz

Almost Vegan

Vegan Monster

Veg Hot Pot

Savory Simple

Lactose Free Lizzie

Part Time Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan

Vegan Sparkles

Meaty Vegan



Kindle- for cookbooks – Duh 🙂

Epicurious – great for creating shopping lists and full of vegan recipes

Whole Foods- they have the cookbook that you can specify Vegan (and vegetarian, low-fat, gluten free, etc)- and will throw together a shopping list

Everyday Vegan- recipes, etc

Vegan is Easy- while we’re not too worried about our beer/wine being vegan (not after the 30 days- we’re not as strict when it comes to good beer)- but if we want to make sure- this app will tell us.  They have a database of wines and beers

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