Keeping a clean kitchen- Vegan Style

As an adult, I am ‘creatively cluttered’ and living in ‘organized disarray’.  As a child, it was more characterized as ‘messy’ and ‘chaotic’.

I remember when I was a ‘tween’ and all I wanted was a dish-washer.  You see we were raised pretty normally – with chores.  One of my many MANY chores (yes, Mom, you were totally into child slave-labor 😉 ) was to wash the dishes.   And I HATED washing dishes.  I still hate washing dishes.

But it is time to get past that.  Unless you have been blessed by the ‘giant kitchen’ god (and we have not), you are never going to have a kitchen big enough to satisfy me.  My biggest two problems are dishes (have I told you that I hate washing dishes?) and storage (rather, lack-there-of).   You can’t exactly experiment and cook all whole foods and chop & store veggies, yada yada yada – without ROOM.   And who wants to cook in a messy kitchen anyways?

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I do enjoy waking up in the morning to a sparkling sink and a clear counter.  So- how to get there?

I’ve actually STOPPED using my dish-washer.  I know. I know.  Tween Kassie is kicking me in my shins right now.  But, I learned that it was much like my ‘laundry skills’.  I tend to start a load, get distracted, and leave them in there until I remember that I don’t have any clean underwear.  I did the same with dishes.  So, we stopped living out of the cupboards and started living out of the dishwasher.  Which is great – except some days we don’t have enough dishes to run a load and some days we have way too many- it’s just hard to keep up with and the sink or dishwasher is always full of dirty dishes.  So… we did what I haven’t done since I was in my first cheap apartment over 9 years ago…  We bought a drying rack.  Now, we cook and then hand wash our dishes.  Then we fold up the drying rack and put that away.  Voila- no dirty dishes overnight.  No dirty dishes EVAH.  Cabinets are full.  Sinks are clean.  It really makes me want to cook when I get home instead of order-out.

I’ve also gotten into a habit of cleaning out the fridge and mopping the floor every weekend.  We can see what we have, what we need, and you don’t step on that damn piece of rice that fell three days ago and I never found until it manage to stick up into my toe this morning.  Yeah- that happens.

So- in an odd, round-a-bout way: Veganism has made me a cleaner person.  At least, in the Kitchen.  And, I am more motivated to keep cooking when my kitchen is clean.  Ah- the circle of life.

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