Eating Out- Vegan Style

Living in the Midwest- it’s not very easy to be a vegan.  Or so you would think.  Around us- there are a few places that actually cater to ‘Vegans’, but we are slowly learning that we can usually find something good to eat at many different restaurants.

If we have a choice of where to eat- we do a search to see what vegan friendly restaurants are nearby.  *using &

If we know which restaurant we are going to- but aren’t really sure what they have on the menu- we check out – this gives us ideas for what they have.  Plus you can always enquire about foods while you’re there- most servers will go ask the chef what’s in certain things.  And- a lot of places now have Vegetarian options, which are normally good minus any cheese or butter.

We have eaten Italian (Tomato Bruschetta/ Marinara Pasta); Mexican (Veggie Fajita/Veggie Burrito/Chips & Salsa); Fast Food (Chipotle); Awesome Vegan Friendly restaurant in KC- Blue Bird; Mediteranian (Hummus/Grape Leaves/ Etc Platter & Rice Mix); Sushi (Veggie Sushi/ Tofu Platter); Pizza (veggie supreme no cheese); Chinese (Veggie Lo Mein/Eggplant Pasta Dishes); Vietnamese (StirFry/Soup); and way more.

So- for those out there that think it’s hard to be a vegan or that being a vegan means we can only go to “vegan” restaurants- Think Again!  Yes- It’s been different.  Yes- sometime we just have to eat a pb&j because we aren’t in an area that has anything but a burger joint (that doesn’t have a veggie burger).  But, for the most part, our social lives haven’t suffered and we’re still saving the critters!  YAY!

Veggie Stuffed Sweet Potato

Black Bean Burger

Mediteranian Sampler


Sweet Potato Pancakes

Eggplant w/Veggies & Jasmin Rice

Squash Pasta & Zucchini Marinara Sauce at... Ruby Tuesday

Veggie, Tofu, Rice Noodle Soup

Spicy Tofu w/ Veggies & Rice



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