Pre-cooked Spaghetti and Rice for BULK Cooking

IMG_6053When you are doing cooking in bulk, there are a lot of recipes (tortilla casserole, pasta sauce, etc) that go great with Rice and Spaghetti.  The trouble is  that 1. You want to be able to grab and go with your meals.  2. You don’t want to have to cook anything when you are trying to create bulk cooking.  The real reason why I came up with our bulk cooking option is to create easy, delicious, cheap, meals and take away from the time I cook every day and every week.

So- when we come down to it – YES you can cook spaghetti and rice in individual portions to reheat later!

Spaghetti – I make 2 full boxes (like normal).  After I drain the pasta I add enough EVOO to keep it from sticking and then let it cool.  Once it is COMPLETELY cook- make sure it is not sticking together, put it into single or family servings and into air-tight baggies and put into the freezer.  That’s it!  When you know you are going to use it – put it in the fridge the day before (or even just 4 hours before) and then nuke it with whatever you are serving it with.

The rice is REALLY easy if you have a rice cooker.  If you don’t – I would suggest getting one just because it is not that pricey and makes cooking rice, quinioa, etc – oh so easy!  Cook the rice while you are off doing other things (such as cooking your bulk food) in your rice cooker (or other methods.. I suppose :)).  Once the rice is complete, spoon into a cupcake tin (3/4ths full) and place into the freezer.  Freeze until solid and then pop them out (they will be in solid pieces), place into baggies, and put back into the freezer (they will be in perfectly sized for individual portions).  Again, thaw these for at least 4 hours in the fridge before heating them up in the microwave with whatever you are serving it with.

I can make a full months worth of rice and spaghetti to fit with any meal when I’m doing my bulk cooking.

*Tip: wheat rice doesn’t work quite as well.

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