Being a Vegan.. mostly

We started the 30 day challenge- thinking “this is going to be hard”.  Now- it has been almost another 30 days and we’re sticking to the Vegan diet.  Mostly.  Rick has stuck to it- 100% no problems.  I have had a small amount of Turkey on Thanksgiving.  And a bit of dairy/eggs.  But- on a normal basis- I’m Vegan.  We love it.  We love knowing that together- by not eating animals- we have saved something like 16+ animals over the past 2 months.  We love knowing everything that goes into our bodies.

Yes- it’s hard.  Yes- it’s difficult to not be able to just stop anywhere for dinner and have to spend 10 extra minutes going over menus.  Yes- it is not convenient to have to cook a lot of extras for family holidays.  But, we think it’s worth it.  We’ll still cheat here and there- but lets say we are 90% vegan.

As- I’m going to keep this up (don’t mind the slow blogging lately- I’ve been 1.Swamped at work 2.Swamped with getting Holiday stuff done 3.Just swamped)- I’m going to re-configure this blog a bit and really start experimenting & posting recipes and posting more information as a learn it- about being a vegan.

Thanks for reading!

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