I’m Baaaaack

Yes- I know I’ve been anti-social in the realm of blogging for the last… Let’s say few months. I could say I promise to get better- but time gets in the way.  I will say that I will try harder to post weekly :).

Right now, though, I’m motivated by sitting in one the many vegan restaurants in Portland, OR- waiting for a vegan Denver scramble while Rick is waiting patiently for his vegan huevos rancheros.  In a city where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a store or restaurant with a vegan sign in the window or a vegan option on the menu, how can a mostly vegan gal like me NOT be motivated to start my vegan blogging again?

I’m inspired by the options of good food and the relaxed people who refuse to eat meat or any egg that doesn’t say ‘cage-free’.

Out of our Midwest Mecca of counting vegan options on one hand (no matter how good) and into an art filled, tattooed covered, bicycle riding, beer loving, animal friendly haven.