Vita Cafe – Portland, OR

Vita cafe

Portland, or

Vegan and vegetarian  restaurant

I can’t go vegan, you say. I love cheese and eggs, you say.

At vita cafe, you can eat vegetarian and still have those eggs and cheese. OR you can have a tofu scramble with vegan cheese and never know the difference

The atmosphere is rummage chic, dark lighting, mis-matched furniture, cool paintings on the walls. Big windows looking at a theatre and the bright colors of the Thai restaurant across the street. Great juice selections and delicious food.


OK, holy freaking crap. I’ve never had a better vegan breakfast than this. In fact I can’t think of any breakfast that was better than this. It really felt like I was cheating with the faux chorizo and chili mixed with corn tortillas and tofu. Adding the local hot sauce “Secret Aardvark” really gave it a killer kick. I would choose this over any other place right now. It’s really cool that there are so many vegan breakfast options out here, something I’ve missed for almost a year.


I had the Denver scramble with potatoes and toast. Tofu, almond cheese, red peppers, spinach, onions,¬† and tempeh.¬† Amazing. If you would blindfold someone and make them eat this, they would think they were eating a normal Denver scramble, never missing the meat, cheese, or eggs. It was delicious and I won’t feel crappy later from eating dairy! Freeze jump win!